About Neuro8
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As business emerges from the pandemic lockdown and re-designs itself for a new future, leaders and innovators are relishing the opportunity to maximise the advantages of that blank canvas.

Building on the recent past, consider how the dinosaurs of a pre-digital world achieved extinction by failing to embrace change and think creatively.

Netflix Verses Blockbuster
Apple Music Verses HMV
Amazon Verses Woolworths

I know you will think of many more. So what are the new horizons that the visionaries of today already see? And how do they see them?

Well, the answer is the power of meditation which enables and enhances creativity – Apple and Google scheduling meditation time into daily calendas to build creativity into the working day, increasing productivity and well-being simultaneously;

The opportunity is now here to fill workspace vacated by flexible remote working not with table tennis and pool tables or other gimmicks but with meditation rooms as real tools for business.

Art imitates Life / Life imitates Art – a decade or more ago this shift was reflected by Bobby Axelrod in ‘Billions’ (Sky Atlantic), taking his Hedge Fund to dizzying heights using mediation and mindfulness. Just think about how that line of thought has progressed in ten years. Today’s Unicorns didn’t even exist when the programme was recorded.

The digital age has also revolutionised the quantity of openly available information about every individual and business on the planet as well as the speed of accessing that data. You need to know that you are hiring the best and that they are what they tell you they are. You also need to know that your business partners and customers can deliver what they promise. No longer does any business have to take what they are told at face value. NEURO8 has access to the most agile technology used by police forces and insurers to investigate suspects and claims, able to access every legally and openly available source of information about any person or company and their network and associates, and present the information in a readable format within minutes.

Straight line thinkers question the connectivity of Ellen’s background – a Masters graduate in design followed by a career in communications, neuroscience based performance coaching and academic research. But think about the connection. The best game-keepers are former poachers. Who better to design a mediation space and guided meditations than a meditation specialist with a background in design?

So what can NEURO8 do for you?

1. Provide comprehensive data to verify the credentials of candidates and prospective partners

2. Design your meditation space and guided interventions (See Sky Atlantic ‘Billions’)

3. Design a bespoke coaching programme using the latest research in neuroscience.


Are you a hedge fund looking for your next Quant Dev?

Are you a company director looking to de-risk?

Are you a football club looking for new talent?