Brain Computer Interfacing BCI
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Brain Computer Interfacing BCI

In preparation for the Defence Expo 3CDSE in November NEURO8 visited Ultra Electronics Group in Cheltenham. Tony White, Ultra’s CTO Land (Precision Control Systems) and Ellen rehearsed flying a drone by thought alone!

Success! We did it. We are ready. Are you ready? Visit us at #3CDSE Nov 4th.

So why post a story about defence technology and flying drones by thought alone? Well … its to remind everyone that your thoughts are more powerful than you realise.

You can spend days and nights worrying about fake news, bills and coworkers. You can worry about your job, your career and your future prospects post pandemic. You can worry about the next big contract or having enough pitch time as a footballer to be seen or not be signed.

Remember we all have the little voice that tells us we ‘can’t’ and the little voice that inspires us and says we ‘can’. The difference is how you manage your thoughts. These will control your actions and your behaviours and your results.

Change is possible. And if I can fly a drone by thought alone … so can you.

Choose your thoughts wisely today and make your day, your week and your year count. Remember Albert Einstein said “Your analytical mind can get you from A to B but your Imagination can take you anywhere”.