Cyber Insurance
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Cyber Insurance protects you and your company against cybercrime. Are you a victim of: 1 Malware 2 Ransomware 3 Hacking?

Cyber Insurance

When businesses place their cyber insurance what they often don’t know is that they are entitled to several specialist services that enhance their policy. These specialists often have global scope and can provide their services, free of charge, to the policy holder. These specialist services are typically aimed at improving security for policy holders before crisis strikes.

Specialist Services

Cyber risk rating reporting – Specialists should review key features of your company’s internet presence on request and provide you with a cyber security rating, allowing you to benchmark yourself against competitors.

Breach alerts – Specialist teams should provide breach monitoring services by continually searching the dark web for information specific to your organisation and alert you in real-time to possible breaches of your data.

Phishing-focused training – One popular tool is eLearning that helps tackle the human vulnerabilities in your business, equipping your team to identify and prevent phishing attacks and other social engineering campaigns.

Cyber risk awareness videos –Insurers should offer a large library of fun and engaging cyber risk awareness videos that cover a wide variety of scenarios, from business email compromise to cryptojacking.

Cyber incident response planner CIRP– Arguably the most important of all is the incident response team who deliver a unique toolkit combining multiple templates and practical advice to help you produce a tailored incident response plan in case the worst happens. By building a robust plan you can effectively reduce the impact of a cyber event and ensure all appropriate parties are engaged at the right time and in the right way.