Cyber Quarter
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Human Factors Specialist


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Human Factors

Helping your team to reduce stress when dealing with cyber hacks. Improving performance using proven interventions. Collecting bio-marker data to measure results.

Cyber Organisational Needs Analysis™ (CONA)

Helping to address a wide range of identified Cyber Security concerns. Delivering Best Practise, Next Steps & Action Plan. (Subject to Digital Footprint)

CQ BitSight® Business Overview

Using public information, the passive tests and report measures your organisation against 5 key areas of Cyber Security and indicates a standing against your industry. Delivers Review, Next Steps & Action Plan. (Ability to include additional ISO 27001, NIST & Risk formats).

Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP)

Helping you to understand your responses to Cyber Incidents. Delivering Best Practise, Documentation Templates & Action Plan.

Cyber Risk Management (CRA)

Helping you to identify and manage your Cyber Security Risk. Delivering Best Practise, Documentation Templates & Action Plan.