Ellen G Kay Biography & Team
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Founder of NEURO8 – Co-founder of Cybermind Tech – Human Factors Specialist – NCS Consultant

Ellen is a tech-entrepreneur.

She is the Founder of NEURO8, Co-founder of CyberMIND and the Human Factors Specialist at Cyber Quarter Hereford. She is also a licenced NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant.

Ellen’s career evolved after her first two degrees in art where she could see the need for clear communication between designers and engineers. Now science plays a more significant role. This led to consultancy roles in communications and coaching where she found herself working with corporate leadership teams, high performance sports professionals and leadership within the Defence and Security Sector. With one common thread – optimising human performance by unlocking their potential and improving communication from the inside out.

Due to this passion for personal development she qualified as a licensed NCS consultant in 2016 which allows her to deliver the neuro-leadership programme researched, documented and created by Dr Joe Dispenza.

The following year she founded NEURO8 and then appeared at the first Defence Expo as a speaker on communications. She then went on to become special project partner with One Ultra. They presented together at the 2019 Defence Expo where her passion for unlocking human potential saw her demonstrate, live on stage, how to change brain wave states using thought control technology.

Her passion for people and technology continued and she became a specialist mentor on the BetaDen tech accelerator coaching tech-entrepreneurs taking ideas to reality and creating successful start-ups. (SEE VIDEO)

The following year, in 2020, Ellen’s passion for people continued and she teamed up with the professor of cyber security at UoW. The university was awarded funding by CyberASAP and DCMS to research AI, cyber security and cyber psychology. She is now the co-founder of CyberMIND : a leading AI based application that detects, predicts and manages stress using a proprietary tool. ”You can not only ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ you can now measure it” Ellen has subsequently been invited to work with Cyber Quarter as their Human Factor’s Specialist to continue the research.

During her career she has worked with many sector specialists and industries but there is one common theme – her passion for people and new technology.

“The rise in mental health awareness, cyber security threats and breaches and unexpected economic and biological change to our global economy have one common theme – ‘stress’. This is creating the greatest insider threat we have seen in decades and we have the people and the technology to help”. “We can recruit and offer you a lifetime solution to building your people, your teams and your culture”.

NEURO8 where new science is creating the art of being superhuman.

Ellen is also on the Board of Advisors for two companies:

The Rocketeer Group

We help nurture talent, improve employability and build digital entrepreneurs.

Legal Data Workspace

We bring deep domain expertise to partner with our clients to help drive successful outcomes to enterprise data management legal and compliance risk policies and ops models as part of digital (including M365) transformation programmes.