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When the ‘mind’ engages with ‘theta’ brain waves it engages with the subconscious. This is a meditative state which enables new patterns of behaviour to be embedded. Therefore to change behaviours and improve performance requires a change in thinking.

This journey, from where we are to where we want to be, requires a map. Neuroscience is the map and the NEURO8 3X8 programme is the pathfinder. We use a unique combination of neuroscience and communication techniques to embed the map so that the new journey becomes an automatic behaviour and achieves optimum performance.

Change is a journey from where we are to where we want to be. All journeys start by:

accurately pinpointing the present position

identifying the objective, and evaluating the alternative routes

and finally memorising the route so that we can find our objective repeatedly without reference to the old map and creating a new one

Neuroscience is a map and the NEURO8 3X8 programme is the pathfinder. The 3X8 programme embeds the map so that the journey becomes an automatic behaviour.

Human enhancement improving performance from the inside out

Our mission is to enable the individual, teams of individuals and organisations to empower sustainable and positive change. We use a unique combination of neuroscience and communication techniques to:

  • Unlock the potential of the individual
  • Identify and enhance talent
  • Predict and remodel behaviour
  • Aid team working and team culture
  • Identify, engage and embrace the need for change at all levels of an organisation
  • Find positive routes to better understanding of the self and the collective goal
  • Enable reasoned, calm and rational decision making and action in high risk and hostile environments
  • Eliminate the negative effects of stress upon performance in personal and professional life
  • Achieve top level performance in sport, defence related industries and other corporate environments
  • Un-wire and re-wire new connections in the brain

The NEURO8 techniques embed new behaviours which become automatic responses in a range of high performance sports, combat situations and leadership. Academic partnerships enable us to utilise scientific measurement to calibrate the effects of the training and, by mapping the characteristics of achieved new mental states, we are able to replicate the routes to achieve optimum performance and create applications to repeat the journey without limitations.


  • Integrity
  • Credibility
  • Education
  • Acceptance
  • Quality

Ellen graduated in design and architectural history in 1991, and gained a masters degree in 1993. She first practised in communications to bridge the gaps in comprehension between design and other artistic fields and engineering and scientific technicians. In time her focus shifted from external to internal communications, to enable behavioural and cultural change. In 2016 Ellen qualified as a neuroscience trainer with Encephalon LLP, a US accreditation body. The unique application that Ellen has since developed combines communication skills with neuroscience techniques to create routes to positive acceptance of change and personal engagement with growth structures and process enhancement.

She has worked extensively on the practical application of neuroscientific techniques in leadership and management, change, corporate structure and culture maximisation. Her practical experience includes projects with Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Worldpay, Givaudan USA (with Fullemynd) and High Performance Sports Professionals.

In 2017 Ellen teamed with Ultra Electronics Ltd in a UK government funded special project to develop mind control technology for the UK military, and commences a PhD programme with three British Russell Group universities in 2018 to research the measurement of neuroscientific states.