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Can we measure our thoughts?


Yes We Can?

At the end of almost five years of scientific testing there were over 700+ students in attendance at an event held by Dr Joe Dispenza in California in October 2017 and 82% were first time participants. The group was excited, enthusiastic and coherent. As a result, the energy recorded in the room broke all records of previous workshop measurements. In addition, according to their Sputnik measurements, this particular group’s pineal gland meditation was one of the best ever.

As usual, they had volunteer students—interested in furthering scientific discovery—connected to heart-rate-variability monitors to measure heart coherence. They also measured the energy around people’s bodies before and after the event using GVD readings. One of the most notable aspects of the event was how the energy in the room grew after every meditation. This was unique because historically the group energy dipped at various points throughout the four days. At the end of each day, he showed his students how the energy they contributed to the field continued to rise—energy that was available to heal bodies, create futures, and manifest real life experiences.

On the last day of the event they recorded the highest room measurements ever. The previous record was from Bonn, Germany with a group of 1550 people. The fact that they had more energy in the room at the end of the California event than in Germany was fascinating because it meant there was more energy in the room with less than half the people. In other words, they had half the matter and twice the energy, or to say it yet another way—half the particles and twice the intensity of the wave function. This was a good indicator that these people were connected and emitting and contributing energy.

“Together We Are Making Scientific History”

When Dr Joe and his team began their Advanced Workshops in 2013 they wanted to see if they could quantitatively measure transformation. They did this by performing pre and post-studies on the brain to determine if after four days of training, they could objectively measure that changes were happening not just in a person’s mind, but in their brain.

They also sought to measure levels of coherence (both in the brain and the heart), the way certain areas of the brain communicate with each other, and what happens during the meditative process when people overcome themselves and really making an external connection. They measured the amount of energy a person came to the event with and how that had changed when they left. They were able to record, measure, and demonstrate how a person could influence their energy centres by affecting their autonomic nervous system. When people said that the energy in the room was high Dr Joe and his team wanted to see if that was actually true. Turns out it was!

They also wanted to measure genetic changes, neurotransmitters, protein expression (as a result of genetic changes), and hormonal changes. They did all these tests and measurements with greater results than they could ever have imagined. As a consequence, they made scientific history, the results of which are compiled in his new book Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, published at the end of October 2017. Dr Joe said “When we began our measurements, I never thought we would see the kind of measurements we recorded—measurements that are so profoundly outside of natural and normal—but measurements that prove we all have the ability to be supernatural.”

So Dr Joe’s students will no longer be studying history— they will be making history”!



Heads We Win

Reference. Dr Joe Dispenza, Enchaphalon LLC USA