We are a unique Human Tech company utilising the latest research in neuroscience in our coaching, training and wearable technology

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Ellen Kay

Founder, Neuro8


Our best-selling 12-week coaching programme called Stress to Success (S2S) removes STRESS from your life. We show you how to unwire negative thinking and remove food intolerances with outstanding results. You will have more energy, improved sleep and an overwhelming feeling of success. It is a unique change programme from the inside out. We help you remove negative thoughts and behaviours to allow the mind to self-heal. And we help you identify and eliminate food intolerances to allow your gut to self-heal. You move from a state of stress to a state of success in 90 days. Day 66 is the sweet spot of change.

MIND: Our content is based on the latest research in neuroscience.
BODY: Our testing kits are provided by the UK’s leading diagnostic testing
TIME: A 12-week MIND & BODY change programme hosted on zoom.
FREE: Food testing kit, neuro-tech product and guided MAP meditation.


We provide on-site training workshops to organisations and corporations around the world interested in using neuroscientific principles to boost employee creativity, reduce stress, build morale, innovation, leadership, and more. This is a globally recognised organisational change program based on the latest research in neuroscience. Clients include Microsoft, Sony, Ultra, Coca Cola, BT etc.

Every year, organisations invest billions in new training that fails to produce the desired results. Why? The primary reason is a misunderstanding of how to produce sustained change. Change requires altering neuropathways in the brain. The neuroplastic nature of our brains allows us to learn new ways to think, act and feel.

TIME: 8-hour workshop for teams of 8 – 10 (can be delivered by webinar upon request).
FREE: 80-page workbook and neuro-tech product.


These products have harnessed the power of neuro-muscular science and neuro activation and the technology behind them has taken 6 years to create. This Human Performance Technology (HPT) instantly improves your strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion. No matter your age or lifestyle, these products are already changing the way people live, play and enjoy their lives and are the future of wellness, sports and rehab.

Join our NEURO8 community and you will be representing products and technology being used by some of the world’s leading brands, top professional sports leagues and elite military units

TIME: Pre-UK launch – Book a demo. Order a product. Build a business.


We provide key note presentations to organisations on Neuro-leadership and communication. Tailored to your organisation to engage your teams and create a greater understanding of themselves, each other and the company’s vision.

TIME: Key-note – 1 hour for 10 – 250 delegates.
FREE: Guided MAP meditation


We can provide your organisation with an in-house mentoring programme. For example, our founder is the resident mindset mentor and thought leader on the UK’s leading tech accelerator in Cyber Valley. www.beta-den.co.uk

TIME: Monthly on-site in-house mentoring and coaching service bespoke to your company.

39% of UK adults admit they feel too stressed in their day to day lives

45% of the UK population are thought to suffer from a food intolerance

60% of people rarely disconnect from their work

Achieve 22% more power output when cycling