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OSINT means collecting, analysing and making decisions based on information freely available online


To learn more about our OSINT reports or book a call please get in touch.

We have access to specialist software created by former special forces, intelligence agencies and police counter terror and organised crime personnel, for police forces and insurance companies, that enables you to access all legally and openly available intelligence about a named individual or business.

The sources include those such as Companies House, Land Registry, and Credit Reference Agencies, as well as social media and phone networks.

Within minutes the software can produce a report in readable format that not only presents the intelligence regarding the named target, but also their network of known associates. This facility has a range of applications in industry and commerce for due diligence on prospective transaction and contract parties, claims investigation, supply chain research, compliance verification, and recruitment.

If you are looking for your best neurodiverse Cyber Security team OR the next Quant Dev as a Hedge Fund then this is a unique opportunity to take your team to the next level and create a whole new culture.

The system is fully compliant with Data Protection regulations.