Personality Profiling
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Online Personality Profiling and Personality Testing For Recruitment and Staff Development. Increase Engagement and Performance.

1.5 Million Assessments

This profile is tried and tested, having completed 1.5 Million assessments since starting in 2000.

Quick And Easy

Reports are jargon free and easy to read.

Incredibly Accurate

Reports are incredibly accurate due to the unique questionnaire design and refined algorithm.

Whether you’re looking to hire the right person, or wanting to understand your team better, our online personality tests and psychometric profiling services are the perfect solution.

For over 20 years, our psychometric tests have helped businesses and individuals across the UK and globe and across various industries ranging from recruitment to consultancies.

This has led to the creation of accurate and bespoke personality tests for different business types. From our psychometric tests for recruitment to our personality reports for coaching, our tests are short, easy to access and understand and available online!

With psychometric profiling and online personality tests, you will reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs whilst increasing employee engagement. Discover more about your candidates with our psychometric tests for recruitment.

You will find the NEURO8 personality tests to be affordable and they will reduce your recruitment and HR costs.  Online personality tests have been helping businesses like yours for over 50 years. Try it today.